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L'Alice Packages

Are you celebrating something special? L’Alice package is exactly what you need. Choose our package and we will set up your room or suite before you arrive.

  • Heart whip.
  • Velcro attachment kit with mask. (Miss Morgane or similar)

85$ plus taxes

L'Alice Packages

Folies Packages

Our Folies Packages are specially designed to spice up your in-suite experience. Although there is a specially designed package for each room, these packages are interchangeable and can be altered to indulge your every desire. Tell us your wishes and we will bring them to life in your suite before your arrival.

Dare to surprise your partner and fully experience Le Fabreville.

Discover the package designed for your suite and the available items.

Gift Cards

Offer a Le Fabreville Rooms & Suites gift card and give your partner an unforgettable experience!

Gift Cards

Come play along.

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