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Relaxation Package


Swedish massage is done with natural oils and combines firmness and softness. This treatment can unwind body tension and enhance muscle tone. It works the muscles, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system. Swedish massage can be done both for the relaxation therapeutic purposes.

Therapeutic Massage

Using the same techniques as Swedish massage, Kinetics, therapeutic massage stimulates the muscles, muscle relaxation exercises and removes waste and toxins.
60 minutes Swedish Massage or Massage Therapy-Kinetic: $ 55.00 *
A 90-minute Swedish Massage or Massage Therapy-Kinetic: $ 80.00 *

* Received available for insurance purposes, Certified Massage Therapists, Taxes not included

Le Steak frite

Gastronomic Package

Package for 2 persons $ 76.00
Classic Steak Frites:
Tapas (Enter)
* (less than $ 8.00)
Repax-Main (salad and fries at will)
 * (choice of 4 meals)
-Dessert Tapas (Café included)
  * (choice of 5 desserts)


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